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    Do Cover Letters Cause You Anxiety??? (You’re not alone)!!

    One of the questions I receive most often from job seekers is whether or not to include a cover letter when they apply to a job. In general I think people feel very anxious about this topic. Not only whether or not to include one, but what to say if they do include one. I’ve held a hard and fast rule about this throughout my career. Only include a cover letter if you’re being asked to include a cover letter. When I was a recruiter if someone sent me an unrequested cover letter - I never [...]
  • Why Networking Matters...

    Why Networking Matters

    We all have a great networking story (if not many great networking stories). Even if we have never thought about it in the context of 'networking'. Networking is one of those buzz words that has been defined in many different ways over the years. But at its core- it's community. And at our core, we all know why community matters. Somewhere along the way in life, whether in high school, college, or during the many steps of our career, the community of who we know (our friends, family, [...]
  • To Smile...

    To Smile or Not to Smile

    Long before I came to work for LinkedIn, I used to teach people about LinkedIn. And after years of 'research' I can report that the questions I get MOST often are about Profile Pictures!! And I've had many an interesting debate on whether or not someone should smile in their picture. I've heard every reason under the sun why someone believes they should NOT smile (although I do encourage additional debate in the comment section below- go for it, try something I haven't heard). But, I can [...]
  • Dear LinkedIn

    Dear LinkedIn – How Do I Even Get Started

    One of the number one things I hear from recruiters and candidates alike is that LinkedIn can feel... well... overwhelming! It's hard to know where to start. There are a ton of resources available for those wanting to know how to best use LinkedIn (for whatever reason they may want to be using it)... the trick is... finding those resources! Here are a few good ones: University.Linkedin This landing page is designed for students, recent grads and Career Services professionals. But even if [...]
  • Changing My Profile...

    How Changing My Profile Landed Me My Dream Job

    When I first moved to NY 11 years ago I embarked (unknowingly) on a career in Recruiting. I was a temp with a staffing agency who eventually brought me in-house. And it turned out that even though I started out having no idea what it was, I loved Recruiting. I enjoyed the interaction with people, the conversations, the ability to truly help them to progress in their career or land their next gig. That career led to a path in Career Services. I used my 6-to-7 years of Recruiting experience [...]
  • 7 Tips...

    7 Tips All Job Seekers Should Consider

    Before I started at LinkedIn I began my career in Recruiting and spent a few years in Career Services. At that time I worked day in and day out with candidates. Now in my role at LinkedIn I work every day with Recruiting teams helping them find candidates (like you)! With over 12 years of experience in this field, I have learned a lot about what it is employers really want from candidates. There will never be a 'sure fire' way to land a job (or hire a candidate)... But some simple truths [...]
  • What Does Your Professional Brand...

    What Does Your Professional Brand Mean to You?

    In the past couple of years there has been a lot of hype and 'buzz' around the idea of individuals creating their own professional brand. It seems in this day of media and marketing, where content is king,  and we are inundated with messages all day every day, that we all have to become professional marketers. If you're in sales- you need to know marketing. If you are in recruiting- you need to know marketing. Own your own business? Run a nonprofit? Marketing, marketing, marketing. And [...]

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