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Senior Customer Success Manager @ LinkedIn
Career Success Coach & Cofounder @ Vertucci Career Academy

I am very passionate about helping people succeed. I truly care about the people I coach and teach. I want to empower them to have their best careers and to live their best lives. I know it’s possible! I get excited and pumped helping people take their careers (and lives) to the next level. I know how overwhelming it is for people to navigate today’s job market. Most people struggle to know how to best market their skills or get connected to the right people for the right opportunities. Not everyone has worked their entire career in career development the way I have. What comes easily and natural for me (after years of experience) is actually quite challenging for the majority of people. Which is why I care so much about educating and coaching savvy career professionals.

Your best career is still ahead of you… let’s get there together!!

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A Little More About Me…

Life After College

I graduated from the University of Central Florida with what I thought was a ‘perfect’ resume. I was a LEAD Scholar, an Honors student, a NASA intern, had a great GPA and other awesome internships and on campus experience. I knew I was a hard worker and was excited to find a great first job. Then a friend invited me to move to NYC with a free place to stay for 6 mos. I said YES! And before I knew it, I was looking for my first job in a city where I knew only 1 person. Literally.

My ‘perfect’ resume got me nowhere. I applied to job after job after job. Never heard back. After 8 or 9 months I began to think I’d never get a real job! Fortunately I had started to meet more people and got involved in volunteering and a church community. One day (after I broke down about how I was NEVER going to find work) someone asked me if I had met with any staffing agencies? (WHAT?! What the heck was a staffing agency?)

Long story short… I started temping through a great staffing agency and my career began!

The Start of a Career

After 6 months of temping in all kinds of offices in NY (which I LOVED), the staffing agency asked me to come work for them. I began my career in Recruiting where I worked both on the corporate and agency side helping to coach and market people to get placed. Over those 7 years I placed hundreds of people throughout NYC in dozens of industries and roles. Healthcare, finance, media, marketing, tech, education, government, entertainment, developers, copywriters, account people, sales people, designers, recruiters, admins, lawyers, directors, marketing managers – you name it, I have probably had to hire someone in that space!

In 2008 I transitioned from Recruiter to Career Services. In this role I expanded outside of NYC and became a nation-wide “recruiter” (of sorts). I worked placing graduates within healthcare – nurses, billers, coders, lab techs, etc. I had to expand my knowledge and expertise and build networks across states and cities I had never even been to. I also got to build educational materials for the students and led workshops, seminars and coaching programs. I found the work challenging and rewarding.

Landing my DREAM Job

Fast forward to 2013 and I found myself at my first dream job – LinkedIn! A job I never would have dreamed even existed. Before I started working at LinkedIn I knew I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what. I felt stuck, unsatisfied and undervalued! I worked with a Career Coach who helped me realize my true passion was in public speaking, workshops, seminars, content creation and the like. I was doing this type of work in my day job, but I wasn’t marketing myself as a public speaker or workshop creator. So I changed my LinkedIn profile to highlight all the presentations and public speaking work I had been doing. Within 6 wks of changing my LinkedIn profile I heard from LINKEDIN! (WHAT?!!) They were building out a team in New York – they needed people with a recruiting background who also had experience in public speaking and workshop creation! They were hiring for a role training recruiters on how to use LinkedIn. Talk about a #dreamjob!!

The most important take-aways about that experience- I never would have applied to LinkedIn online. Even though I knew their site (and used it regularly, even taught others how to use it) I had no idea they had an office in NY and never would have guessed in a million years they had roles like the one they hired me to do. I had also never heard of Customer Success Managers or Recruitment Consultants (my original title), so I never would have known to seek out an opportunity like this. I landed this dream job simply by marketing myself in a way that highlighted what I loved doing and focused on the skills I already had in order to do the type of work I really wanted to do. My dream job found me!! And now, I help my clients every day to create dream opportunities in their careers, too.

Coaching, Teaching, Writing and More…

The past several years I’ve worked every day with recruiters and hiring managers at LinkedIn helping them to hire and find top talent (like you)! And I know what a hard time they have finding awesome people to hire. Yet I know that amazing people are looking for great work and also cannot find it! There is a HUGE disconnect. And I said to myself… I can help bridge this gap! And tada, that led to Vertucci Career Academy.

Vertucci Career Academy is designed to help all career professionals find and land their dream job. We do this through online courses, blogs, coaching programs and in person events. I love coaching, teaching, running workshops and writing. I’m on a mission to get information to as many people as I can on how to best market and sell their skills to build their dream career. It’s not just about landing the next job. It’s about living in to your true potential and finding awesome employers who want to pay you your worth and give you opportunities to grow and make an impact. Those employers exist, I promise!! (I work with them all the time at LinkedIn)… Now we need to get you in front of the right people for the right opportunities for your skill sets and goals.

Together we can do this! Let’s talk 🙂 Keep exploring the site to learn about all the ways to work together…


Ready to Transform Your Career?

If you want to attain the dream job you desire and stop playing the career guessing game, then it’s time to consider working with a Career Success Coach (like me)!

I help people who are struggling and unhappy in their professional life to better market and sell their unique skills and background in order to finally have a job they love and enjoy, while also getting paid what they are worth! I can help you in every phase of your career transformation journey.

I believe people too often limit their options by making assumptions about what is actually available in today’s marketplace.

It’s a whole new world — there are amazing opportunities at every corner. And most people have highly marketable skills to contribute, but they totally undervalue their work and what they have to offer.


Benefits of Coaching & Expected Outcomes

A transformed understanding of how to market and sell your unique and awesome skills

Confidence-building for your elevator pitch, informational interviews, and formal interview process

Mastery of LinkedIn and other social networking platforms

Industry expertise – my insider’s knowledge of all aspects of global hiring practices

Finally figure out what types of roles really exist for you that are a best fit for you

How to create communications that will ensure you hear back from people you are reaching out to

Rock your interviews like you never have before

Get paid your worth by navigating your negotiations from a place of strength

Support during every step in the process

Stop doubting yourself and FINALLY live in to your success

Erin Higgins
Creative Director, On Air Promotions
Travel Channel

“I’m well into my career and have been on plenty of interviews over the years. I am usually good at them. But when I was up for a DREAM ROLE, I knew I needed Rebecca’s help. She gave me amazing insight into the interview process and helped make sure I presented my best self. I felt more confidant and prepared than ever before. I went on to do 3 more rounds of interviews and ultimately got the job! I know how I presented myself during the interview process was key to my success, and I am so grateful I had Rebecca in my corner.”

Janet Jenkins
Director of Finance & Administration,
CPM, Recovery & Resiliency Program
MTA New York City Transit

“Before chatting with Rebecca I never would have thought I needed a Career Coach. I have been working for over 20 successful years in my business and consider myself a savvy career professional. I felt I was doing all of the right things. Rebecca helped me realize, however, that I could negotiate from a stronger position than I thought I could – and how important this is to accomplishing and even exceeding my goals. Her coaching accomplished in a short time what I never could have envisioned for myself, and definitely resulted in a higher salary than I likely would have obtained on my own. More than anything, she boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered to go for the things
really wanted.”

Maria Hetz
Customer Success Manager

“When I wanted to transition from one industry to a completely new one that I had no experience in, I enlisted Rebecca’s help. Together we framed and promoted my past experience and skills so that this new company could see me as a potential fit. She coached me to get referred in to the company so that I had an inside champion. She helped me to brand and market myself throughout the entire process, including some very involved interviews. She was my go-to expert, support and coach. I now have an amazing new opportunity at a great company because of Rebecca’s help and expertise.”


Introducing the “Find Your Dream Job” Series

Become a sought after candidate in today’s CANDIDATE-DRIVEN job market!

Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed navigating today’s job market? You’re not alone!! Even though today is considered a candidate-driven market, most job seekers feel it’s harder than ever to find great work. In this set of 5 classes you’ll learn inside information on what employers REALLY want so that you can confidently find and land the job of your dreams.  

Click on the classes below to learn more about our Find Your Dream Job Series offered on the education platform Udemy.

Build Your Professional Profile & Resume

Learn how to build your professional brand!

The majority of people in the job market today do not know how to market and sell their skills. In this class, you’ll learn how to build the perfect resume, Linkedin profile and market yourself on social media so employers will be knocking down your door! If you’re looking for your first job or looking to switch jobs this is the class for you. Your brand is your future and telling that story is the most important thing you can do. Take this course to learn how.

Job Searching Skills for 2016

Right now, you can apply for a job on your phone. Crazy to think this was not possible 5 years ago! 

Technology is changing so rapidly that employers and candidates are struggling to keep up. In this class, you’ll learn the technologies available to you to have a successful job search. You’ll learn social media tools that you should be using and what tools recruiters and HR have to find you. This class will set you up so that you are in front of everyone’s eyes, take it now and they’ll call you!

Grow Your Network

80% of candidates getting jobs are “referred” which means…it’s all about who you know! 

In this class you’ll learn how to find and get to know the right people. You’ll also learn how to always be networking and continue to grow the network you already have. Relationships are the currency of life! And it’s important to constantly be building your brand throughout your career even if you aren’t job searching. Take this class and find out who you’re gonna need to know!

Nail Your Interview

Okay, so you’ve got the interview to your dream job and you want to stand out…but how? 

Well you’ll need 2 things: confidence and preparation. In this class you’ll learn the techniques to feel confidant in your interview. You’ll be able to prepare the right questions and anticipate what will be asked of you in any interview situation.  You’ll also learn how to best position your skills and expertise. This class is essential to help you stand out in the sea of interviewees to make sure you get that job!

Negotiate Job Offers

Did you know that half of people being offered jobs are not asking questions and negotiated salary at the time of offer? Why?

Because we’re either afraid to ask or don’t know how to. In this class you’ll learn what questions to ask and how to negotiate when you’re offered your dream job. Asking for what you need affects your entire time at that job, not just the beginning. By taking this class, you’ll have the tools and resources to reap the benefits at your next job offer!

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